Data governance for public transparency



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Data, Data governance, Transparency, Public administration, Local administration, Big data, Public sector, Public policy, Accountability, Data management, Data re-use, Open government, Open data, Legal frameworks, Policies, Compliance, Case studies


Public transparency is becoming increasingly complex due to the volume of data generated by government, the plurality of uses given to public data, their dispersal over different organizations, bodies and units and the diversity of mecha-nisms through which they are channelled. All this requires government agencies not only to improve data management but also to adopt procedures and structures that facilitate decision-making regarding data´s use and quality. In this context, this study defines data governance as the set of principles, values and standards that guide interaction in decision-making among stakeholders who create, manage and use data. This study uses the analysis of three data governance cases to identify the defining characteristics of data governance (data governance´s design, the institutional position on data governance in the organizational structure, the stakeholders involved in data governance, the interaction channels provided and the functions attributed to them). Based on these elements, three models of data governance promoted by government agencies are observed. In the light of the data governance models analysed, the final reflection identifies how data governance can contribute to improve public transparency.


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