Study on the perception of South Korean librarians of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the strategy to support libraries



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UN SDGs, SDGs, UN Agenda, IFLA, Library support strategy, Librarians' perception, Public libraries, South Korean


This study made an attempt to understand the level of South Korean librarians´ awareness of the United Nations´ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and IFLA´s support strategy for the SDGs, the degree of implementation of the UN´s SDGs support strategy by individual libraries, and how much the librarians agree with IFLA´s support strategy. As a result, first, this study revealed that public librarians had little knowledge of the UN SDGs 2030 agenda or the fact that IFLA has proposed support strategies for the UN´s SDGs. Second, this study found a high level of agreement among librarians with IFLA´s support strategies set for libraries to achieve the UN SDGs . Reflecting the two results above, it can be understood that librarians, though they were not well aware of the agenda of the UN SDGs 2030 or the library´s support strategies set by IFLA for the agenda, highly agree that the library´s support strategies suggested by IFLA are the role of libraries. Therefore, widely promoting the library´s support strategies proposed by IFLA for the UN SDGs 2030 is highly likely to encourage many librarians to participate actively.


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