Disruption index depends on length of citation window




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Bibliometrics, Bibliometric indicators, Citation window, Disruption index, Novelty, Measuring methods, Scientific impact.


In the context of recent developments in scientometrics to measure novelty or creative potential, Wu, Wang, and Evans (2019) propose a new disruption index that measures the extent to which a publication disrupts the field of science. We calculated the disruption index for some example papers. The analyses of the index values (using our Web of Science in-house database) show that they depend on the citation window (the period of time over which citations are collected).


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Bornmann, L., & Tekles, A. (2019). Disruption index depends on length of citation window. Profesional De La información, 28(2). https://doi.org/10.3145/epi.2019.mar.07