Consumption of public institutions’ open data by Spanish citizens


  • Manuel Gértrudix El profesional de la información
  • María-Carmen Gertrudis-Casado
  • Sergio Álvarez-García


Palabras clave:

Open data, Public institutions, Transparency, Empowerment, Digital citizenship.


The consumption practices of Spanish citizens of open data published by public institutions are evaluated, within the context of the implementation of the Transparency Portal in Spain. Through an online survey, representative of the studied universe, and through an analysis of descriptive statistics, contingency tables and association measures for nominal variables, the degree of awareness about the availability of open data offered by public bodies are compared, their use is described, and reasons for their use are identified. The results reveal low penetration of the open data culture, and citizen distrust of the actions carried out by public institutions for the access, use, and reuse of open data, which will require a change of orientation in communication and stimulation policies.




Cómo citar

Gértrudix, M., Gertrudis-Casado, M.-C., & Álvarez-García, S. (2016). Consumption of public institutions’ open data by Spanish citizens. Profesional De La Información, 25(4), 535–544.



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