Information reuse in smart cities' ecosystems


  • Alberto Abella El profesional de la información
  • Marta Ortiz-de-Urbina-Criado
  • Carmen De-Pablos-Heredero


Palabras clave:

Information reuse, Smart cities, Datasets, Applications, Apps, Open government.


Smart cities are service providers as well as sources of public data. The reuse of cities´ data through the application of technology enables the creation of innovative services for citizens. Apps, developed by reusing information, are considered a key indicator for the creation of services. This paper explores the main characteristics of these apps and their relationship to services. The analysis performed in the main smart cities in Europe shows the importance of timely information release and the geo-location of published data. Transport and tourism seem to be the most popular areas of application. This article builds on the area of research in previous studies and includes additional information of apps´ characteristics to meet service needs.


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Cómo citar

Abella, A., Ortiz-de-Urbina-Criado, M., & De-Pablos-Heredero, C. (2015). Information reuse in smart cities’ ecosystems. Profesional De La información, 24(6), 838–844.



Análisis / Analysis