New data, new possibilities: Exploring the insides of


  • Nicolás Robinson-Garcí­a El profesional de la información
  • Daniel Torres-Salinas
  • Zohreh Zahedi
  • Rodrigo Costas


Palabras clave:, Twitter, Mendeley, Altmetrics, Social impact, Coverage, Web 2.0


This paper analyzes, one of the most important altmetric data providers currently used. We have analyzed a set of publications with doi number indexed in the Web of Science during the period 2011-2013 and collected their data with the Altmetric API. 19% of the original set of papers was retrieved from including some altmetric data. We identified 16 different social media sources from which retrieves data. However five of them cover 95.5% of the total set. Twitter (87.1%) and Mendeley (64.8%) have the highest coverage. We conclude that is a transparent, rich and accurate tool for altmetric data. Nevertheless, there are still potential limitations on its exhaustiveness as well as on the selection of social media sources that need further research.


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Robinson-Garcí­a, N., Torres-Salinas, D., Zahedi, Z., & Costas, R. (2014). New data, new possibilities: Exploring the insides of Profesional De La información, 23(4), 359–366.



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