Effects of Big Data Analytics in Learning Management Systems for Improving Learners’ Academic Success


  • Abdellah Ibrahim Mohammed Elfeky Department of Curriculum and Instruction College of Education, Najran University Najran, Saudi Arabia
  • Ali Hassan Najmi Department of Educational Technology King Abdulaziz University Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Marwa Yasien Helmy Elbyaly Centre for Sharia Educational and Humanities Research Najran University Najran, Saudi Arabia



Palabras clave:

Big Data, Blackboard, Learning Management Systems, LMS, Academic Success.


In education, big data utilization has offered significant opportunities to support students in the era of e-learning platforms. The present research investigated the impact of big data utilization on learning management systems (LMSs) in the context of developing students' academic success. The sample consisted of 120 students of the third level of the Department of Education and Psychology in Najran University, Saudi Arabia. Participants were divided into two equal experimental groups, The first experimental group learned through using reports derived from big data analysis while studying "Research Methods" course via Blackboard; while the second experimental group studied the same course via Blackboard only, without any data analytics intervention. An achievement test, at the end of the course, was administered on both groups to assess the level of academic success. Findings revealed that integration of big data reports as intervention via Blackboard significantly enhanced learner's academic success.


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Abdellah Ibrahim Mohammed Elfeky, Ali Hassan Najmi, & Marwa Yasien Helmy Elbyaly. (2024). Effects of Big Data Analytics in Learning Management Systems for Improving Learners’ Academic Success. Profesional De La información, 33(1). https://doi.org/10.3145/epi.2024.0016



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