The metaverse: updating the Internet (Web 3.0) or just a new development for immersive videogames?



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Metaverse, Virtual worlds, Video games, Web 3.0, Challenges, Opportunities, Evolution, Technologies, Trends, Future, Immersive, Markets


Are we witnessing the return of virtual worlds such as Deuxième Monde (1997) or Second Life (2003), boosted and enhanced by technologies? Or is it the coming of the next generation of the Internet (Web 3.0)? Or is it just a marketing repackaging of virtual reality markets that up to now did not deliver as expected? This paper attempts to provide answers to these questions. It introduces the notion of the metaverse, looks at its definition(s), and describes its key elements, thereby outlining the metaverse ecosystem. The article also attempts to draw lessons from the pioneering experiences of former virtual worlds, and thus examines some case studies from the video game industry. In conclusion, we investigate the metaverse´s potential constraints (energy/environment, cost of hardware and bandwidth, lack of business models, regulation) and opportunities, and reveal the challenges ahead for its widespread adoption.


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