The daily news podcast ecosystem from the strategy and business model perspectives



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Podcasts, Journalism, Business models, Value proposition, Creator economy, Audio, Daily news podcasts, Audio platforms, Competitive strategy, Revenue streams, Market, Positioning, Capabilities, Competitive resources, Digital audio, Audio communication


The expansion of the daily news podcast format in the media industry has brought new narrative opportunities and shows the strength of the audio medium. For this reason, a qualitative analysis of the daily news podcast ecosystem has been performed from the strategy and business model perspectives through a comparative study of 14 cases (10 with media parent companies and 4 independent) in the Spanish-speaking segment using semi-structured interviews with the heads of the entities analyzed. The results reveal that daily news podcasts allow media outlets to improve their positioning by forming part of their audience´s routines, and create new revenue streams through sponsorships and brand agreements. Two editorial concepts have been identified: the in-depth analysis of a topic with support from the editorial department, and round-ups similar to radio news bulletins that cover the outlet´s informative key elements. The research also highlights audio initiatives by independent creators in specialized fields who shed light on the format´s potential for news narratives.


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