Profiling the most highly cited scholars from China: Who they are. To what extent they are interdisciplinary


  • Yu Peng Zhu Chongqing University
  • Han Woo Park Yeungnam University


Palabras clave:

Interdisciplinary research, Scholarly communication, Researchers, Scientists, Highly cited scholars, Network analysis, Cluster analysis, Block modeling, Quadratic assignment procedure, China


Since the beginning of the 21st century, an increasing number of Chinese researchers have joined the ranks of the world´s top scientists. Some international organizations have observed this phenomenon and ranked the world´s top Chinese researchers. However, investigation of highly cited interdisciplinary research (IDR) scholars is insufficient, although IDR tends to have a greater social impact. Looking at the top 2% of the world´s Chinese scholars, this study analyzes the structural attributes of IDR by those top scholars in detail using network analysis, cluster analysis, block modeling, and quadratic assignment procedure analysis. The results show that the proportion of highly cited scholars in technical categories is higher than in social categories. The fields of artificial intelligence and image processing, oncology and carcinogenesis, plus neurology and neurosurgery serve as bridges across disciplines, with materials, energy, and artificial intelligence and image processing having higher eigenvector centrality. The field of social sciences has the widest range of IDR activities, but cooperation within this field is low. Forty-two of the world´s first-class universities are in China, and of the world´s top 2% scholars who come from China, 46.3% work for these institutions. The research themes of highly cited academics from World First-Class universities in China are most similar to the themes of scholars from universities in China with first-class academic disciplines. There are differences between non-university and university scholars in terms of research topics. It is suggested that the government can promote a triple-helix effect (public institute, industrial enterprise, and research school) so that organizations of different natures can produce synergistic effects.


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