Multivariate dynamics of Spanish universities in international rankings



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Higher education, Internationalization, World class, Universities, Shanghai Ranking, ARWU, THE, Dynamic biplot, Biplot, Spanish universities


Global rankings help boost the international reputation of universities, which thus attempt to achieve good positions on them. These rankings attract great interest each year and are followed attentively by stakeholders in higher education. This paper investigates the trajectory of Spanish universities in the ARWU and THE rankings over the last 5 years using the dynamic biplot technique to study the relationship between a multivariate dataset obtained at more than one time point. The results demonstrate that Spanish universities achieve low positions on international rankings when analyzed using this multivariate and dynamic approach. Indeed, only a small percentage occupy good positions in both studied rankings and stand out in terms of some of the indicators, whereas most achieve weak scores in the global context. Spanish universities should attempt to improve this situation, since the prestige resulting from a good position on these lists will always be beneficial in terms of the visibility of both the universities themselves and the whole Spanish university system.


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Gómez-Marcos, M.-T., Ruiz-Toledo, M., Vicente-Galindo, M.-P., Martí­n-Rodero, H., Ruff-Escobar, C., & Galindo-Villardón, M.-P. (2021). Multivariate dynamics of Spanish universities in international rankings. Profesional De La información, 30(2).



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